Pheremones and Your Sex Life – Real Opportunity or Scam?

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It is difficult to believe in things that you cannot hold in your hand, look at, and smell. This is an issue that comes up when discussing religion, but it also comes up when discussing the existence of pheromones. Those who believe in pheromones believe they are invisible, scentless chemicals that are released from the body to attract potential mates. The fact that they are believed to be detected in the brain but cannot be outright smelled makes some people skeptical.

It is believed that pheromones are emitted from the sweat and pores of the human body and detected in the brain of others. This explains why you may feel differently when meeting potential mates. If presented with two potential mates that both look similar and fit your preferences for mates, you may feel an undeniable attraction to one and nothing for the other. It is believed that you are detecting pheromones from that one mate that piques your interest in their direction.

Pheremones in Nature

Whether you are inclined to believe that pheromones exist or not, you have to admit that there is substantial evidence for their existence. Studies have been published throughout this century showing that pheromones are at work with humans as well as many other species.

For example, Nature magazine published a study that revealed drastic changes in mice when they were injected with pheromones. Nursing female mice were far more aggressive toward intruders with the pheromones than without them. Male mice changed their sexual behaviors drastically when there were pheromones at play as well according to Buy-Pheromones.Org | Pheromone Reviews.

This is just one study of many that has tackled this subject. Many species of animals have shown a natural reaction and change in behavior when presented with pheromones. This is why so many people believe that behavior can also be changed in humans when pheromones are at play.

Pheremones and Your Sex Life

Pheremone products, such as colognes, are designed to introduce strong pheromones into the human system for the benefit of attracting potential mates. Men are the primary users of these products today, but women are starting to use them in greater numbers as well. These users believe that they appear more attractive to others when they are wearing these products. The scent goes to the brain of others, sending signals that they have specific features, such as strength, dominance, and aggressiveness.

If you are curious about pheromone products, there is enough research to validate a personal experience with a high quality product featuring the right pheromone. You have to determine the type of pheromone that will send the signals you want to give out, and then find a product that features that pheromone. Wear it consistently for at least a few weeks before you decide whether it is benefiting your love life or not.

You cannot expect that every woman or man in existence will be crawling all over you if you wear a pheromone cologne or lotion. You should see heightened attention from some potential mates, which is the sign that they are picking up on the scent you are giving out. It is still up to you to seal the deal and turn that heightened interest into something more substantial.

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Ginkgo Biloba: Gingko Biloba has a great many benefits associated with it which is why it is found in so many health supplements. Its presence in the VigRX ingredients is due to its ability to increase energy levels and for its potential to enhance vascular blood flow. With greater vascular blood flow, erections can become firmer.

Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto aids in regulating the hormones in the body and also contributes to enhanced blood flow. It also aids in building muscle tissue and can improve prostrate health. These ingredients are found in Cockstar.

Bioperine: Somewhat overlooked because it does not directly enhance male sexual performance, bioperine is probably the most important ingredient of all. Why is this? It serves the primary purpose of aiding the metabolism’s absorption of the various other VigRX ingredients. When the ingredients can be absorbed better, they will be able to perform their required duties in the most efficient manner.

There will be those cynical consumers that will state they see many of these same VigRx Plus ingredients in other male enhancement products. That may be true since many of these ingredients are “must haves” for any male reproductive supplement to actually work. However, a proper lab process must be employed in order for the blend of ingredients to be effective. The makers of VigRX Plus understand this which is why they put a tremendous amount of effort into their proprietary blend. The results of their work are evident in the effectiveness of these male enhancement pills. Other popular pills include Steel Libido as well as Rockhard Weekend.

Consider this the main reason why VigRX Plus remains such a consistently top selling product in the perpetually crowded world of male enhancement products. According to top male enhancement pills – MaleEnhancementReport.com. Another popular option for permanent penis enlargement is a penis stretcher or penis extender such as X4 labs.

Stretchers have become very popular because they deliver permanent results, little to no side effects, and are much less expensive than penile surgery. Alot of people who go under the knife experience permanent side effects and pain. Furthermore, their is always a risk that the surgery is not a success. You may have problems with getting a hard penis or you may find that your penis hangs lower than it should. Surgery should be given much consideration and thought of as a last resort after you have exhausted the other options.

According to http://best-penis-enlarger.com, extenders are far more safe and natural for your body. You can achieve noticeable results in as little as 3 months with proper dedication and patience. Considering you dealing with you penis it would be a good idea to stick with methods that are safe.

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Pheromones For Philly

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With all the economic turmoil affecting Philly it is no surprise that the best pheromones would be an appropriate solution. Philly needs more love, more dates, and more opportunity. Philly is struggling with the Obama economy and the class warfare of Wall Street. With record high unemployment and no end in sight it makes sense that pheromones would be the solution. People want more dates, more attraction, and more love.

Liquid Trust Pheromones Review

If you are in the dating game, there is a strong chance that you have heard of pheromones. What you might not realize however, is that pheromones are not simply another invention of media hype. As a matter of fact, you have pheromones in your body right now! The body secretes pheromones naturally, and these pheromones are intended to attract members of the opposite sex. The question you might be having right now however, is why we need to buy pheromones when we produce them naturally.

One of the biggest problems we have as a species right now is our desire to cover up our existing pheromones, and we do this for a few different reasons. First of all, men tend to generate pheromones through sweat, and most people are not interested in leaving sweat all over their bodies while attempting to attract a mate. In addition to that, we cover up our pheromones with other scents. This is where a good Liquid Trust pheromones review will come in handy.

The 7 Second Rule

When you meet someone new, you have a total of seven seconds to leave an impression on an individual once you meet them. After seven to twenty seconds has passed, they will have made up their mind, and you will be hard pressed to change it. Finding the tools to change this outcome from the offset is very important. Wouldn’t it be great if trust came in a bottle?

Liquid Trust and You

Do you find yourself to be a fairly shy individual? If so then you should know that you are not alone. Literally thousands of people have found themselves in this situation, and the general idea behind liquid trust is that it will help others to have more confidence in YOU. Believe it or not, Liquid trust will also help you to have more confidence in yourself. If that doesn’t sound good, we don’t know what does. Another interesting fact is that pheromone colognes are usually created in an FDA controlled lab.  They use extensive controls to determine the real power of the various concentrates and how it relates to human interaction.

Originally, Liquid trust utilized Oxycontin, but now it has been enhanced with the power of pheromones. Liquid trust will help to improve your sex life, job performance, and even help you to make a better impression at job interviews.

You might expect this product to cost several hundred dollars, especially if it is capable of attracting member of the opposite sex and improving your life overall, but you might be surprised that it generally sells for under $20.

As you can see, it is possible to create a great first impression, but it should be noted that pheromones, even those as powerful as Liquid Trust, must be supplemented with a good personality. Using these two tools will carry you far and help you to make the impression you want — whatever it happens to be.

Pheromones actually play a prominent role in the grand scheme of things. They have been an integral part of human behavior and increases in mating habits. There are actually several different types of pheromones to be had, alarm, sex, and excitement pheromones laced with androstenol, androstenone, androsterone. The effects of each one can be independent, and produce feelings of love, happiness, and arousal.


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Video of Joe Hoeffel’s recent appearance at PFC’s October meetup

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The sound baffles on the stage at the Tri-tone almost look like a stage backdrop.


Interestingly, Mr. Hoeffel has described numerous problems with the same old GOP politics. In the past he has noted how the electronic cigarette review is a key driver of lessening tobacco profits, and thus Republican campaign finances. We’ll see!

It is also worth noting that Obama was caught using a penis extender in the oval office while inhaling pheromones. Some people claim is it a republican smear campaign. Many others disagree. Many contributions have come in from his los angeles dentist as well.

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Joe Hoeffel Headlines October Meetup

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Montco Commissioner, former Congressman, and Gubernatorial hopeful Joe Hoeffel joins Philly for Change at Tritone, 1508 South St, to talk about the race and his candidacy. Be there at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 8.

Join Us As We
Welcome Election Season 2010
and Introduce the Smoke Tip at our next meeting!


YIP’s progressive rising star
& Rep. Tim Briggs’ Chief of Staff
Matthew Goldfine
with a state budget update

PennEnvironment’s star organizer
Adam Garber
with an update on PA environmental issues

From the Seth Williams campaign
Randy Schulz
on GOTV for next month’s elections

***And more HUGE updates***


Health Care Reform

Eligibility for Medicaid

Single Payer

and on the upcoming
International Youth Dialogue
for Nuclear Disarmament
in Philly.


WHEN:    Wednesday, October 7 at 7:00 pm
WHERE:  Tritone, 1508 South St
(wheelchair accessible)

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Increase Sperm Count

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Is the Problem Azoospermia?

Azoospermia is the condition of an absence of sperm in a man’s ejaculation. When sperm is not present, pregnancy cannot occur. However, there are things that can be done to conceive. If you are concerned about having this condition and you think it might result in your having difficult conceiving, you should make an appointment with a fertility doctor. Sperm analysis can be done and you can determine if this is your problem or if something else is preventing pregnancy or to increase sperm count.

There are instances when small amounts of sperm can be harvested if it is in the ejaculate. Pregnancy the traditional way is unlikely to happen, but it is still possible to conceive a child with the assistance of the medical community. The sperm harvested from the procedure can be used to perform in-vitro fertilization or other fertility treatments withSemenax

The first thing your doctor is likely to address is whether the problem is caused by the delivery of the sperm or the sperm’s production. If the testes are not producing enough sperm, the problem must be handled differently than if there is sperm and it is not making its way out of the penis in the ejaculate. Restoring the normal flow of sperm can be the best solution to deal with a low sperm production problem to increase sperm volume. Circumventing the traditional path of the sperm to achieve the same end result is the most common option when the problem is related to sperm delivery and increase seminal fluid and increase ejaculate volume.

Several tests are likely to be performed if you see your doctor about azoospermia. The first will be hormone evaluation. Follicle stimulating hormone is made by the pituitary gland. This is how the body makes sperm in the testes. When this hormone is low or elevated, it will effect the sperm productions. If tests show it to be elevated, it likely means sperm is not being produced optimally and to increase ejaculate with cum pills.

According to http://increase-sperm.org, you can increase sperm with genetic testing. This determines if there are genetic problems causing sperm production issues. The test measures the number of chromosomes and looks at the blocks of various genetic materials. Your doctor might also recommend there be testing for a variety of genetic disorders during this process, including cystic fibrosis. These tests can determine genetic abnormalities that not only affect conception, they can affect the health of the baby.

The final two tests done on people who are suspected to be suffering from azoospermia are transrectal ultrasound and urinalysis. The ultrasound determines if there is a blockage in the ejaculatory duct. The ultrasound is performed on both the seminal vesicles and the ejaculatory duct. The ultrasound is place in the rectum to determine if the vesicles are dilated and if they are capable of being filled with semen and emptied during ejaculation. Increase ejaculation at Increase-Sperm.org.

The urinalysis determines if ejaculation is happening in a backwards motion. Sometimes sperm is pushed into the bladder and washed out during urination. The test involves urinating and ejaculating into a sample cup. When sperm is present in the urine, the diagnosis is usually backward ejaculation. There are all options that might eliminate the possibility of azoospermia. In some cases, these problems are easier to fix than a total lack of sperm. In other cases, or when it is azoospermia, you will need to discuss fertility options with your doctor.

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